Top Three Reasons to Sell Your Home for Cash

Written By: Tom Camp
Friday, January 29, 2021

If you were to mention to a homeowner that they could sell their home for cash nearly instantly a decade ago, people would have laughed.

The average time it takes to sell a home has been why selling a home for cash is no longer something to fear. With an average of six months, depending on the state and market, selling a home may be cumbersome and expensive for people looking to move away as soon as possible.nbsp;

Are you in this category of people, or are your reasons to sell fast different? Whether selling your home because of a divorce, job >

Here are three reasons why.nbsp;


It can take anywhere from eight weeks to two years before a home can sell. This may be due to various cancellations and repairs that need to be conducted, the market just not giving you the price you want, or not having an attractive property.nbsp;

If you need to move away, say to a different state, this could mean you have to incur costs to keep the home in good order.nbsp;

A cash sale, on the other hand, can be concluded in as little as seven days. You get to skip many processes, such as inspections, credit checking, repairs, etc. You can get the prospective buyer on to the negotiating table and hammer out a quick transition deal.nbsp;

No Fees

Lets face it. The services of a real estate agent can be costly. Not only do you have to pay them a commission, but you may have to pay to stage the home, conduct inspections, and cure any other issues that may arise.nbsp;

You may also have to spring for things like repairing or replacing the roof, which is not cheap, and conducting general repairs around the home.nbsp;nbsp;

By selling your home for cash, you only have to worry about closing the sale with an amount commensurate with the homes value, as-is. You wont have to worry about things like repairs or inspections.nbsp;

Close With Minimal Effort

The one thing that distinguishes traditional home sales from a cash sale is how many negotiations one has to conduct before a deal is agreed to.nbsp;nbsp;

With a traditional sale, there may be many headaches to go through, and then one thing that you disagree on might be the deal-breaker in a very long and tiring process. The worst part is, you may have to endure several such sessions before you get the person to buy the home.nbsp;nbsp;

Cash sales are quick, which means you invest less in the process and the outcome. With sales getting concluded in seven to 10 days, you wont have to worry about going through multiple meetings to get a buyer.nbsp;nbsp;


There are many reasons why you may want to consider working with home buying companies.nbsp;We buy houses in NJnbsp;and can help you close fast. If youre looking to sell your house fast in NJ, Quick Home Buyers NJ can help.

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