Real Estate to LOVE?

Written By: PJ Wade
Sunday, March 08, 2020

Sellers who are considering a move from a home they small-L love to somewhere new theyll big L Love and buyers intent on purchasing a home to Love, can all benefit from asking themselves the same question and taking time to answer it.

What do I want to LOVE about the real estate in my near future? is a great starting question for buyers and sellers.

1. The answer is not me>2. The answer should go beyond the trite I love it expression applied liberally, and often with little thought, to everything from mid-century-modern decor to a stainless steel or marble finish. This over-used phrase is so much part of everyday speech that it has lost its deeper, discerning meaning.
3. The answerto be genuinely valuable in your real estate searchshould include deep feelings about how you want to feel while living in your new home and how this emotional state will enhance valued aspects of your life. The answer lies, not in physical features, but in life>

In short, why have you decided that spending all this money and investing all this time buying real estate is going to be well worth it?

Scientist Louis Pasteur reaches out with a clear view of possible 21st-Century futures that explains why the Love question above is a great place to start for buyers and sellers contemplating their future home.

Pasteurs belief that "Chance favors the prepared mind" can be a rock-solid guide for confident real estate decision making:

Be prepared to act when luck strikes:

Youll find luck appears more often and is easier to act on when you are prepared with >

One source of all this be prepared knowledge and more will be the highly-competent, locally-knowledgeable real estate professionalthe matchmakeryou select to help you act in your own best interest regarding every detail of the search, decision making, and the resulting transaction.

Or, plunge in and tackle the research yourself. Either way, understanding what you are buying and how the >

Be ready to respond quickly when opportunity knocks:

This is not encouragement to act in haste or to jump in before you understand what the property or the transaction involves. Respond quickly means having the confidence not to second-guess yourself after each decision. Buying real estate involves a lot of time-pressured decisions, so getting out of your own way by ending second guessing is an important, solid step forward.

Clarify exactly what life>

Be decisive when fortune calls:

Once youve learned how to quickly and thoroughly research essential elements of a property or have engaged with a real estate professional who can help you achieve this, youre on solid ground. Youll be confident you understand what you are getting intogood, bad, and indifferentbefore you act. This represents a productive mix of practical knowledge like window placement and interior traffic flow and acknowledgment of long-term benefits that matter to you and those youll share the home with.

We are what we think, what we believe. Thats "the box" that can limit our view of what the future might hold. A committed professional can expand your horizon of possibilities. This confidence may lead you to consider a different >

Because each piece of real estate is unique, separating your deep buying intentions from your must-have shopping list will enable you to fully evaluate the potential of a property that may vary from the usual cookie-cutter offering.

Is your buying vision based on trending Instagram photos and videos or current superficial Keeping up with the Jones demands? Or, are you guided by Lovehow you feel about home as a place to belong, share experiences, and gain courage to face the outside world?

The apparent simplicity of using your Love of what the new home will contribute to your life does not mean that identifying emotional connections is necessarily easy for everyone. The level of personal commitment involved in applying the Love criteria to hopes and dreams may require efforts like discussions with family members or some soul searching. Are you prepared to make personal investments like these in your future?

Doing nothing is a decision, too, perhaps not the best one, but a decision to be lived with none the less. Concentrate buying decisions on features like stainless-steel appliances, kitchen islands, and master bedroom ensuites and the result may not be the long-term Love many want and expect when buying a home.

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