Prepare for a Rural Life: The Things You Dont Expect

Written By: Realty Times Staff
Sunday, October 9, 2016

Making the move from city life to country living can be one of the best decisions you ever make. The life>

To better prepare yourself for a move to the country, take a moment to read over and consider the implications of the following insights. As a person who spent the first 13 years of her life in the heart of a bustling city before moving to the country, I can understand why it may feel like youre moving to an enti>

The Perks of Mother Nature

Lets start with the obvious fact that the city endlessly burps out clouds of pollution and exhaust while the countryside constantly emits fresh, clean air. The close proximity to mother nature has a very positive effect on your physical and mental health. You dont have to deal with traffic, trash or a 5-mile commute to reach a city park. All you have to do is step outside and youre there.

Your children can play without constant supervision, which will give them a much greater sense of independence. You will have more room to spread out and indulge in new interests and hobbies. Growing your own food is common in rural communities and is a useful tool for adults to overcome a variety of health and social issues. Not only is it >

But with all this space and freedom come other factors you may not consider, factors that arent necessarily drawbacks, but definitely worth noting. If you live in a big enough city, chances are you dont have a car, or if you do, its economical and small. But out in the country owning a vehicle is a necessity as is an Amazon Prime account, seeing as you cant walk to the grocery store or take public transportation to school or work. Its necessary to drive and most of the time it will take more than a few minutes to get where youre going. Owning a >

Reshaping Your Hobbies and Social Circles

Now that youre living in a rural community, enjoying your space, freedom and hopefully a shiny new car, you might be surprised to hear gunshots in the distance or even nearby. Dont worry, the chances that the gun shots are crime->

A major thing that most dont consider when moving to the countryside is the dramatic decrease in social interaction. You may notice a drop in time spent in your social circles when you move because you wont be around all of the time. But in return, you will be rewarded with a greater sense of community and, hopefully, an especially fruitful grapevine. Rural communities tend to be spread out but close knit. If someone doesnt have something you need, chances are they know someone who does. Prepare yourself for these social changes by visiting the community youre interested in and attending local >

Investigate the Community

Visiting the community youre interested in is another great way to prepare for your move. If you have children, make sure you do your research on the local school district; compared to city, educational programs can be few and far between. Dont worry though, your children will benefit in many ways from a move to the country, especially when crime rates are significantly lower in rural areas than in the city.

Another thing you should prepare for is the cell reception or internet speed in your new home. Check out available internet providers so you dont wind up in a tight spot. If you work from home and use the internet a lot, or youre used to streaming Netflix on TVs, an iPad and your sons laptop, you might need to consider the implications of slow internet connection for where you want to live and the costs of improving it.

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