Updated: Monday, May 20, 2019

10 Reasons Why Your Home Isnt Selling
Written By: Kurtis Forster

Here are the top 10 reasons why your home isnrsquo;t selling and donrsquo;t worry, most of them are fixable.1. You Lack Marketingldquo;If we build it, they will come.rdquo; This doesnrsquo;t prove true for many new and sometimes, useful products. And same goes for when you put your home up for sale. Just putting it up on the market isnrsquo;t en...

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Preparing Your Home For Long Term Travel
Written By: Jony

Set Your ThermostatIf you will be leaving your house unattended during the winter months, make sure your thermostat is set to 55 degrees. This will keep your house warm enough to prevent freezing and bursting water pipes, which can cause severe flooding and water damage. If your travels take you away from home during warmer weather, you should l...

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9 Practical Tips in Handling Plumbing Emergencies
Written By: Violet Smith

Plumbing affects several areas in your home from the bathroom to the kitchen. Plumbing problems can arise suddenly, without warning. While some minor issues are easily fixed, some difficulties can quickly escalate into a major crisis that causes damage to your home. If this isnt taken care of immediately, you can suffer thousands of dollars in ...

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Garage Organization: A Chore No More In 5 Easy Steps
Written By: Brian Coxley

1. Plan of AttackDont enter alone. And use the buddy systemmdash;if for no other reason than you may get overwhelmed and lost in your own sea of debris. Friends, family, and the kids can all lend a hand to get the job done quicker and to help keep you on track: its easy to get distracted rooting through the objects of your past.The first goal of...

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To Roommate or Not to Roommate? Things to Consider Before Bringing Another Person Under Your Roof
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Defraying the cost of a mortgage is great, and, in some cases, taking in tenants can be lucrative, more than covering your entire payment and putting money in your pocket every month. But, inviting roommates into your home also comes with its share of potential downsides. Here are a few things you may want to weigh before you hand over the keys....

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May Real Estate Roundup
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Freddie Macs results of its Primary Mortgage Market Surveyreg; shows that "despite the recent rise in mortgage rates, both existing and new home sales continue to show strength ndash; indicating the lagged effect of lower rates on housing demand. This, along with improved affordability, should push housing activity higher in the coming months."b...

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Are You Grown Up Enough to Be a Homeowner?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Do you know the true costs of homeownership?Yes, you have a handle on what your principal, interest, taxes, and insurance are going to cost. But have you factored in the other costs? Homeownerrsquo;s association fees, tolls, gas, and other commuter costs, landscaping help, and increased utility costs could all add to your monthly expenses and pu...

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How Transit-Supported Development Could Solve Affordability Issues
Written By: Jim Adair

A recent survey of young urban families in Canada found that proximity to public transit is one of their top considerations when purchasing a home. The survey found that 28 per cent of families rank transit-friendly neighbourhoods as a priority, while 17 per cent considered car-friendliness is a priority. Four per cent cited cycling-friendly nei...

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One Story or Two Story? The Advantagesand Disadvantagesof Each.
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Are you open to either? Do you feel like the right home will ldquo;speakrdquo; to you regardless of the number of floors? Letrsquo;s take a look at some of the realities of living of both, with a few things you may not have thought of.Cost-per-square-footA one-story home may seem more expensive if itrsquo;s priced against a larger two-story home...

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Bitcoin vs. Property Investment: The Risks
Written By: James Trafford

However, if you are looking to invest some money but either have enough property already, or just fancy something a bit different, could Bitcoin be the answer yoursquo;ve been waiting for?Investing in Bitcoin comes with a mighty element of risk, but then this could be true of investing in anything as you can never guarantee a positive return on ...

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Requirement Differences Between Conforming and Jumbo Loans
Written By: David Reed

Yet while both are approved in much the same manner, there are some approval differences that need to be pointed out. This can be especially important if the sales price on a home is very close to either choice. Perhaps a home is listed at 600,000. With a 20 down payment the loan would be 480,000. With a 10 down payment, it would fall into the j...

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How Much Does a Pool Add to the Sale Price of a House
Written By: Rudyard

Thatrsquo;s because whilst homes can appreciate in value, pools do not. A pool is like a motor vehicle ndash; once it has been used, its value starts depreciating, and a pool that is more than 10 years old would have almost no value at all in a real estate transaction.Of course, there are exceptions to that general rule. A well-constructed concr...

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Creating a Home Workout Space Without Sacrificing Style
Written By: Mikkie Mills

The Workout SpaceMaybe you have already thought about or tried a temporary workout space. This would be a multifunctional space like a yoga mat that can be set up in the living room then put away. Itrsquo;s quick and easy and there are plenty of workout routines that can be done in a fairly small space including lifting weights or doing squats a...

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Find The Right Agent For You
Written By: Dean Cacioppo

Finding the right Realtorreg; to help you with buying or selling a home can seem daunting. Your best friends sisters cousin may be an agent referral but does that mean that theyre the right agent to fulfill your needs? Getting referrals from friends and family is great but sometimes those referrals dont work out and can lead to strains in >Crede...

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4 Best Reasons Why a Power-Loomed Rug is the Smart Choice for Your New Place
Written By: Alyssa Hanna and Christian Sippel

THEYrsquo;RE GORGEOUSTodayrsquo;s power-loomed rugs are designed with the same, intricately detailed patterns that yoursquo;ll find in fine hand-knotted rugs. Rug-makers have come a long way in developing power-looming technology, using computer-driven looms that control every aspect of the weaving process. Modern looms can incorporate many more...

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Trespassers May Be Easier to Forgive than to Forget
Written By: Curtis Seltzer

Just Try to Keep Them OutYou can generally keep others from entering and using your property - but not always. In rural areas, trespass is usually someone either taking a shortcut over someone else or using anotherrsquo;s property for recreation, like hunting or ATVing.Country-property owners normally find one of three types of trespassers:1 Tho...

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Planting Milkweed This Spring Could Help Save Monarch Butterflies
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

According to the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, ldquo;Californiarsquo;s monarch butterfly numbers are at an all-time low, having declined more than 85 percent from 2017,rdquo; said Newsweek. ldquo;This sudden drop comes after years of steady decline: A massive 97 percent of monarch butterflies have already disappeared since the 19...

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Why Social Media Should Be Your Best Friend When House Hunting
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Get to know your neighborsYou can learn a lot by spending time in the neighborhood where you are considering buying a home. But if you can get access to the neighborhood Nextdoor, yoursquo;ll get a behind-the-scenes peek at who lives there.Keep in mind that every arearsquo;s Nextdoor is filled with the requisite wild animal sightings, landscapin...

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Updated: Monday, May 20, 2019

10 Reasons Why Your Home Isnt ...
Here are the top 10 reasons why your home isnrsquo;t selling and do...

Preparing Your Home For Long T...
Set Your ThermostatIf you will be leaving...

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